Seamless, Welded or deepdrawn tubes

The Kamet range of stainless steel tubes are designed for use as a sheath material for sensors. For the best resistance to corrosion and pressure, seamless tubes should be chosen. Welded tubes are a cost-effective option for applications without any significant safety restrictions. Welded tubes are also available as a deep drawn version where the welded seam has been smoothened and is less noticeable.

Kamet’s tubes are:

●     quality products manufactured in Europe with full material traceability

●     produced according to ISO/EN standards

●     available in a range of diameters with custom sizes upon request

●     supplied as polished

●     seamless tubes are annealed as a standard service. Annealing is also possible for (deep drawn) welded tubes, at an additional cost. Please contact us for this option.

●     available in a range of alloys depending on budget and operating environment (for more information about the different alloys and their properties and applications please see our product pages for both welded and seamless tubes.)

You can filter our range of tubes using the selection criteria on the left (size, alloy, type, properties).

We also have a series of tube related questions in our FAQ including a page on the difference between seamless tubes and welded tubes . If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact our team.

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